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engineering team started to research and development of the biped humanoid robot, representing a unique approach to the Challenge of Mobility, as follow-up to the existing technologies such as the development of two and four wheeled vehicles and product application of general purpose as power products.
The basic concept the Honda engineering team tried to build was the robot should be like in human society and began on the new technology for the home usage. “As a result of continuous research, the design team concluded that the robot had to be capable of performing functions such as moving through furnished rooms and going up and down stairs, and focus on the “biped mobile function” that correspond to the basics of human mobility.
The design team decided that the robot should employ biped mobility technology to make it compatible with most type of terrain including very rough surfaces, setting their sigh high, Honda engineers, thus accumulated innovative technologies for an “autonomous biped robot” which was considered far from realistic that time.
A number of technical challenges have been aimed at one goal, to make a new type of robot that would be used in daily life.
Honda will continue to take on the challenge also into the future, to offer a new dimension in mobility by creating a robot that can coexist and cooperate with humans and ultimately benefit society.”

ASIMO is the humanoid robot which is created by Honda Motor at Honda's Research & Development Wako Fundamental Technical Research Center in Japan. His name in full is "Advanced Step in Innovative MObility"

ASIMO Apearance:
- Height = 130cm
- Weight = 54kg
- Width= 45 cm
- Depth= 37 cm
- Battery= Lithium Ion 51.8 V/ 6 kg 3 hours to fully charge. It located as ASIMO’s backpack
His Ability:
- Walking speed= 2.7km/hr
- Walking speed while carry thing weight 1kg= 1.6km/hr
- Running speed= 6km/hr
- Cycle Running speed= 5km/hr
- Grasp objects
- Degrees of freedom= 34 (three in the head, seven in each arm, two in each hand, one in the torso, six in each leg)

Technology for his Recognition:
- Moved objects Recognition: ASIMO can detect the moved objects by using the camera in his head. With this ability he can follow a person, or greet a person when they approach.
- Postures and gestures Recognition: ASIMO can react to and be directed by the natural movements of human beings. This enables him to react what people is making a gesture infront of him. For example, he can recognize when somebody raise hand to shake hand with him or when somebody waves and he will respond by waving to them accordingly.
- Recognition of Environment: ASIMO can recognize the objects and terrain of his environment for his safety and the human nearby him. Such as, recognizing stairs. And stop walking and then start by avoid hitting humans or other moving objects.
Sounds Distinguishition: ASIMO can identify the source of sounds, and he can distinguish between voices and other sounds. When soneone calls his name, he can respond to, and he also can face to people when being spoken to, Moreover, he can also respond to questions, by nodding his head, a shake of the head.
- Face Recognition: ASIMO can recognize faces. He can recognize individually around 10 different faces. Once they are registered he can address them by name.

ASIMO Malaysia Road Tours:

Malaysia, November, 2008, Honda Malaysia Sdn Bhd (HMSB) announced a campaign called ASIMO Road-Tour in order to inspiration to children and adult by using ASIMO, the intelligent humanoid robot as an idol of this campaign.
Starting from 4 Nov 2008 to 30 Nov 2008, the Road Tour arranged in three states of Malaysia; Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, and Penang.


Kuala Lumpur

  • ASIMO Birthday Party

    ASIMO Kick-starts Road Tour in Petrosains, Inspiring and Creating Interest in Science and Technology...

Kuala Lumpur, 4 November 2008 – The new ASIMO made its first appearance in Malaysia, this time around at Petrosains, KLCC, surprising visitors today. With the message and hope of inspiring the youths and generation of tomorrow, ASIMO gave a sneak preview of his latest capabilities, creating much excitement and inspiration amongst the students to the world of science, technology and innovations.
Born on October 31, 2000 and standing at 1.3 metres tall while weighing 54kg, ASIMO, which is the acronym for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility, thrilled the crowd with his ability to run and dance. ASIMO can now run faster at 6km/hour as compared to his previous 3km/hour.
Petrosains’ Director of Marketing, En. Syed Yazrine Shahab who was present at the event said that it was indeed an exciting session today as he stressed upon the importance of leaving a positive impact on the lives of the students, particularly in building a fulfilling pathway for their future. ASIMO is the epitome of grand technology advancement, and Petrosains is honoured to be able to host ASIMO’s preview in Malaysia. ASIMO is a clear reflection of Petrosains’ highly interactive science communication methods and engaging-fun-learning approaches in inculcating the interest in science and technology among society. “We must continue to nurture inquiring minds and creative thinking skills in our children while promoting Science, Technology, Education and Mathematics (STEM) and life-long learning,” added En. Syed Yazrine.
Petrosains, The Discovery Centre, is an exciting informal learning institution that offers interactive exhibits and scientific programs that are vibrant and engaging. Strategically situated in the PETRONAS Twin Towers at Level 4, Suria KLCC, this contemporary science centre was established by PETRONAS in its commitment, as a socially responsible corporate citizen, in providing a rich and stimulating environment to enhance science literacy.
Also at the event was Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Honda Malaysia, Mr. Atsushi Fujimoto. “With the objective of bringing excitement and educating people about science and technology, Petrosains is an ideal place for ASIMO to showcase his latest innovations. I am pleased that we can work hand-in-hand with Petrosains in reaching the future generation of Malaysia as we continue to inspire them,” said Mr. Fujimoto.
“ASIMO is a result of Honda’s dream of creating an ideal robot, envisioning to one day ease people’s lives as Honda strives to become a company that complements society. It took the Honda engineers 22 years of overcoming challenges to achieve what ASIMO is today. We at Honda have instilled in us the Challenging Spirit and as ASIMO has inspired us all, we hope ASIMO will be the inspiration to students to challenge themselves to reach out for their dreams, “added Mr. Fujimoto.
ASIMO will be in Malaysia for the whole month of November. During his road tour in Malaysia, he will cover the Klang Valley, Johor and Penang to bring a message of hope and inspiration especially to the youths of today.

I-Walk technology

Running in 3 km and 6km per hour,


    ASIMO Demonstrates Around Malaysia to Bring Hope and Inspiration...
Petaling Jaya, 14 November 2008 – Dancing, kicking a ball, serving drinks and with the latest improvement, the new version ASIMO can now run faster at 6km/hour – these are the new capabilities demonstrated by ASIMO at 1 Utama today. Making its first official public appearance in a special preview since its arrival earlier this month, ASIMO hopes to inspire Malaysians to reach for their dreams.
Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Honda Malaysia, Mr. Atsushi Fujimoto said, “Everyone in Honda lives and breathes with the tagline The Power of Dreams. 22 years ago, ASIMO’s creators had a dream of a humanoid robot assisting in human society. Today, after 22 years of research and development, that dream has become evident through ASIMO which symbolises Honda’s technological advancement. I hope via ASIMO, we will be able to share with Malaysians the Challenging Spirit embedded in us along the years. We will continuously challenge ourselves to improve lives through mobility innovations and technology advancement. ASIMO is that dream. ASIMO is that challenge.”
Born on October 31, 2000, at 1.3 metres tall and 54 kilograms, ASIMO, which is the acronym for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility, was created as the world’s first advanced humanoid robot that is able to run and move similarly to a human.
The introduction of the enhanced Intelligent Real Time Flexible Walking (i-Walk) technology has amazingly improved ASIMO’s mobility. Today, the new ASIMO has now greater stability in response to sudden movement. Besides walking forward, backwards, going up and down stairs and maneuvering smoothly around obstructions, ASIMO can now run at a maximum speed of 6km/hour, doubled from the previous 3km/hour. He can even run and spin on the spot as well as run in circular pattern.
Now, ASIMO is able to recognise people’s faces and interact with people with his head mounted eye camera and the newly introduced IC (Integrated Circuit) card. ASIMO can interact effectively with the person who is holding the card including identify the person’s relevant information. Hence, these enable ASIMO to work as a receptionist that can interactively welcome and recognise people and their position.
In addition, ASIMO now can adjust a cart’s operation by slowing down or changing direction when facing an obstruction. The new ASIMO has a tension sensor system built in both wrists, enabling him to operate a cart by himself by adjusting his pushing strength in both arms and keeping a standard distance from the cart.
However, ASIMO was not created overnight. It took Honda’s engineers more than two decades to reach where ASIMO is today. The evolution of dreams started in 1986 by examining the principles of a two-legged robot that could walk. From 1987-1991, the Honda engineers examined the human walking to make the humanoid robot achieve fast walking pace. In 1991 to 1993, the next achievement was achieved by enabling stable walking when going up and down the stairs or slopes or stepping over an obstacle. Finally from 1993-1997, a human-like model with upper limbs and body was created. With further evolution in size and weight and advanced walking technology, ASIMO was born in 2000.
“Honda always strives to become a company that society wants to exist and with the power of dreams, we aim to create an ideal robot that one day can ease people’s lives. ASIMO is that dream and we envision ASIMO to operate as another set of eyes, ears, hands and legs for people in need in future as he has features that are compact and lightweight, enhanced walking technology and wider arm operating parameters. His people friendly design makes him operates more agilely in the real-world environment,” added Mr Fujimoto.
At the preview, winners of the “ASIMO Inspiring Dreams Contest” which ran from October 13, 2008 to November 2, 2008 were also specially invited to witness the improvements of ASIMO. One of the lucky winners was given an opportunity of a lifetime to go on stage with ASIMO to kick a ball and served a drink by ASIMO.
ASIMO will be visiting around Malaysia covering Klang Valley, Johor and Penang bringing the message of hope and inspiration to Malaysians. ASIMO had earlier visited Petrosains on November 4, 2008 as a sneak preview for students to learn more about science, technology and innovations that seek to ease and improve lives.

  • Johor Baru


    ASIMO Inspires and Creates further Interest among mechatronics and robotics students...

Skudai, Johor, 18 November 2008 – ASIMO, the humanoid, made its appearance in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) today, the first time ever ASIMO is present at a university in Malaysia to give a special demonstration to about 2,000 guests and undergraduates. With the message and hope of inspiring the youths and the younger generation of tomorrow, ASIMO demonstrates his latest capabilities, creating interest among the students on the wonders science, technology, invention and innovation.
Born on October 31, 2000 and standing at 1.3 metres tall and weighing 54kg, ASIMO, which is the acronym for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility, thrilled the crowd with his act of running and dancing!
In UTM, robotics introduced by Faculty of Electrical Engineering, under Mechatronics and Robotics Egineering Department in 1997. Mechatronic Engineering is a new engineering field established based on the amalgamation of a few engineering fields including Electronic, Electric, Mechanical, Control, Software, Computers and Information Technology. Mechatronics is the technology behind the production of smart products such as automotive control system, robotics and many household products which typically integrate the microprocessor, control system and mechanical system. The interest in the application of this field of study has increased rapidly and expanding widely in the industries especially in the manufacturing industry where synchronization of complex robotic and automation systems for micro processing and micro control is becoming more significant.
The Department of Mechatronic and Robotics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, UTM, is responsible for both the undergraduate programs and research- and consultancy-related activities in this field. The research works cover a broad spectrum of robotic and mechatronic systems which include sensor technology, intelligent machines, advanced and intelligent control algorithm, industrial automation, design of robot and framework, mobile robot and computer integrated manufacturing. The Centre of Robotic and Artificial Intelligence (CAIRO) is another unit that establishes a symbiotic relation with the Department of Mechatronic and Robotics in fulfilling the related research activities. CAIRO is one of the Centers of Excellence (COE) which is becoming a prominent research centre for robotic and artificial intelligence (AI) as well as to enhance the application of AI and robotic technologies in Malaysian industries. There is a number of research groups formed by many doctoral and master students solving various specific fundamental and application-based research problems such as active vibration control of flexible robot arm, robust control of autonomous helicopter system and mobile robot, multi-agent and multi-team mobile robot, embedded system for mechatronic application, humanoid robot and development of new AI algorithm for various applications. The groups are led by three professors, three associate professors, and two doctorate holders and supported by a few academic staff.
Representing the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Honda Malaysia was Encik Azhar Bin Abdul Wahab, General Manager of the Manufacturing Department, who said, “UTM is indeed a very special “stop” for ASIMO in his tour in Malaysia this time around because ASIMO has never visited a University in his previous visits to Malaysia. UTM being the country’s premier university in engineering and technology with a leading School of Mechatronics and Robotics, is the perfect educational institution for ASIMO to be present to inspire the inventors and scientists of tomorrow.”
“ASIMO is the reality of a dream. It was created out of Honda’s Power of Dreams and the Challenging Spirit that drive us all these years at Honda. After 22 years of research and development, the new ASIMO can now run faster with an airborne time of 0.08 seconds and at its top running speed of 6km/hour, it can grasp objects, recognise people and even serve drinks!” added Encik Azhar.
ASIMO arrived in Malaysia since late October and has made appearances in Klang Valley at Petrosains, KLCC, and 1 Utama Shopping Centre in Petaling Jaya. His next stop after UTM will be at City Square, Johor Bahru.

- Walking ability.

ASIMO running at 6km/hr, the lestest ability.

Show Malay Dancing with students. Showing his freedom of joint that makes him move smoothly and naturally.


    Surprise Rasa Sayang Dance Specially for Johoreans...

Johor Bahru, 20 November 2008 – ASIMO today demonstrated a surprise dance to the tune of Rasa Sayang to spice up the Johor leg of his road tour in Malaysia. Making his debut in Johor, ASIMO showcased his latest capabilities and the Rasa Sayang dance which gave his show a Malaysian twist. The audience watched in excitement and awe as ASIMO demonstrated his latest features to inspire them.
ASIMO, which is the acronym for Advanced Step In Innovative Mobility, arrived in Malaysia late October and Johor is the southern most city he is visiting in his road tour. The dancing to Rasa Sayang whereby ASIMO had the audience dancing along was definitely the highlight of his demonstration together with his ability to now run faster at 6km/hour.
Prior to Johor, ASIMO visited Petrosains in Kuala Lumpur and had a media preview and roashow in 1 Utama, Petaling Jaya. ASIMO also made a special stop for his first ever visit to a university in Malaysia - Universiti Teknologi Malaysia - where he inspired more than 2,000 undergraduates and students to reach for their dreams.
ASIMO will be in City Square, Johor Bahru from November 20 - 23, 2008. After Johor, ASIMO will travel to Penang to make a special appearance at the Penang Adventist Hospital on November 25 and a road tour in Queensbay Mall on November 27 – 30, 2008.
Honda hopes that by bringing ASIMO on these road tours in Malaysia will help inspire Malaysians to challenge themselves and reach for their dreams.

- I-Walk Technology

- ASIMO danced with children.

- Kicking a ball is an easy task for ASIMO!

  • Penang

    Penang Adventist Hospital’s Heart Patients’ Fund 20th Anniversary further emphasizes ASIMO’s message of hope and inspiration...

    Penang, November 25, 2008 (Tuesday) – Celebrating 20 years of miracles with the Heart Patients’ Fund of Penang Adventist Hospital, ASIMO thrilled the heart beneficiaries, patients and employees of the hospital with a special demonstration of his latest capabilities. Approximately 300 invited guests comprising a number of Heart Patients’ Fund beneficiaries over the last 20 years, came from Kedah, Perak and Penang to watch ASIMO inspires his audience to reach for their dreams and hold steadfast to hope and overcome challenges.
    Development of ASIMO, which is the acronym for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility, to his present abilities took 22 years and through the years, the Honda engineers persevered to overcome many challenges to give ASIMO his advanced technologies. ASIMO’s exclusive visit to Penang Adventist Hospital serves as a strong encouragement of hope while bringing joy to heart patients, charity beneficiaries and the hospital’s employees as the hospital celebrates the 20th Anniversary of its most established fund. The Heart Patients’ Fund which took roots in 1988, turns 20 years old this year.
    The hospital’s Heart Patients’ Fund was established to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate and through mending the heart of hundreds of adults and children, the hospital is realizing their dreams. The celebration aims to commemorate the Fund’s 20th anniversary, celebrate the many miracles and also to give courage and inspire the sick and needy. For two decades, the hospital had mended over 460 lives, including children from Southeast Asia under the Gift of Life International Programme. This special celebration was made even more meaningful with special appearance of ASIMO.
    In conjunction with its 20th anniversary, the Fund had disbursed more than RM300,000 since early this year. The hospital also organized several fundraising projects, including a charity climb to Mount Kinabalu and a charity concert held together with Mended Hearts Group. A total of RM230,000 in funds has been raised through these projects for children in need of heart surgery. The Celebration is the culmination of all the 20th anniversary projects this year. The event ends with a special Make-a-Wish closing with everyone placing a wish on the “Make-a-Wish Sky” in the hall.
    The Penang Adventist Hospital started in 1924, with a noble mission of providing healthcare to all regardless of their ability to pay. The first clinic in Muntri Street had a sign that said “Poor Treated Free”. Today, after 84 years in the healthcare industry, the mission still continues with support from the community. Each year, funds raised are utilized to help patients who are unable to afford medical bills. The hospital also provides subsidies as a financial relief for needy patients. In 2007, the non-for-profit hospital on its own contributed RM8.2 million to provide charity care and discounts to needy patients.
    Parallel to the objective of the Fund, ASIMO’s presence brings hope and inspiration to Malaysians at the same time, reminding them to challenge themselves to reach out for their dreams. ASIMO sang a Birthday song, danced and even served a drink to the first beneficiary of the Fund, Kho Chon Teck during the celebration. Joining in the commemoration were former beneficiaries, founding members, donors and supporters of the Fund, including doctors and staff.
    Honda Malaysia Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Mr Atsushi Fujimoto said, “Honda envisions that one day ASIMO will be able to ease people’s lives. His height of 1.3 metres is the perfect height for helping around in the real world especially at home, office or even hospital; assisting people confined to bed or wheelchair”. President and CEO of Penang Adventist Hospital, Dato’ Teddric Jon Mohr thanked Honda Malaysia for bringing ASIMO to the hospital. “We are honored to be chosen as the first hospital in Malaysia to be visited by ASIMO. For many of us, it is a dream come true to watch him perform but more importantly, for most of us, we are inspired by the hope that he brought to this place of healing. I hope that Honda’s dreams for ASIMO to be a human assistant will become reality one day.”
    ASIMO’s creators had a dream of a humanoid robot assisting in human society. Today, after 22 years of research and development, ASIMO is stepping closer to the reality of that dream. The new ASIMO can now run faster at 6km/hour, doubled from the previous 3km/hour, grasp objects, recognize people and even serve drinks.
    Since his arrival in Malaysia late October, ASIMO has made appearances in Klang Valley at Petrosains, KLCC, and 1 Utama Shopping Centre in Petaling Jaya. His next stop was at UTM and City Square, Johor Bahru before he arrived in Penang Adventist Hospital. Bringing the message of hope and inspiration to Malaysians to challenge themselves in realizing their dreams, ASIMO will be in Queensbay Mall, Penang next from the 27 – 30 November before leaving Malaysia.

- Serving drink to MC and Mr. Kho Chon Teck, the first beneficiary of the Fund.

Birthday song for the hospital 20th year ceremony.

Dato’ Teddric Jon Mohr, President and CEO of PAH

    Birthday Celebration, Rasa Sayang Dance, 3 Organisations and 3 Cities, and leaving more than 130,000 people inspired, ASIMO bids farewell...
    Penang, 1 December 2008 – A humanoid robot that can grip a brush and paint our unique batik plus dance to the tune of Rasa Sayang - impossible? Not with the Power of Dreams. ASIMO demonstrated all these as well as running, dancing, kicking ball and serving drinks when he was in Malaysia throughout the month of November.
    Mr. Atsushi Fujimoto, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Honda Malaysia said, “Honda dreamt in creating a humanoid robot and today, ASIMO is Honda’s dreams in reality. We will continue in the research and development of creating an ideal humanoid robot to ease people’s lives as we strives to become a company that society wants to exist.”
    “I hope the presence of ASIMO in Malaysia this time around has encouraged Malaysians to reach out for their dreams and rise to the challenge of turning their dreams into reality”, added Mr. Fujimoto.
    It was an inspiring tour when ASIMO spent a month delighting audiences in 3 cities and visiting 3 organisations in Klang Valley, Johor and Penang. Malaysians could be seen flocking to see his demonstrations.
    Since ASIMO’s arrival in Malaysia end of October, he celebrated his 8th birthday with Honda associates, inspiring them to reach for their dreams with his special presence at Honda Malaysia’s Sales and Marketing office in Petaling Jaya.
    ASIMO’s exclusive visits to three organisations had left significant impact to the audiences. He had created much inspiration to students in the world of science and technology when he visited Petrosains and in his first ever visit to a university in Malaysia, ASIMO showcased his capabilities to some 2,000 undergraduates and students of various ages in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). He then journeyed to Penang Adventist Hospital (PAH) to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the hospital’s Heart Patients’ Funds where he walked amongst people who are living their dreams of a fulfilling life free of heart ailments. His presence together with 46 heart patients who had benefited from PAH’s Heart Patients’ Fund was a heartening encouragement to patients at the hospital and audience.
    The crowd showed much excitement during ASIMO’s road tours in 1 Utama, City Square Johor Bahru and Queensbay Mall Penang when he demonstrated his latest capabilities and danced to the Rasa Sayang song in Johor and ended his tour in Malaysia with Batik painting in Penang, which is the first time ever in the world.
    ASIMO, which stands for Advanced Step In Innovative Mobility demonstrated various latest capabilities during his road tours. The highlight of this new ASIMO is that he can run faster at 6km/hour with an airborne time of 0.08 seconds at this speed, as compared to 3km/hour previously and airborne time of 0.05 seconds.
    In reminding mankind to challenge themselves to reach out for their dreams, ASIMO will continue on his journey to spread the message of hope and inspiration to people of all ages.

ASIMO Batik painting...The first time in the world!

Next, please follow ASIMO to Jakarta Motorcycle show 2008 and visit winners of "Honda ASIMO Super Idea contest in Bangkok"